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Change Agent Firm specializes in positive global and local impact through addressing systems transformation, systemic Racism, equity, leadership development, and community engagement


Systems Transformation


Community Engagement

Leadership Development

This is an intricately carved water vessel from the ancient Nupe Tribe, circa 1900. The Nupe people are known for ceramics, pottery, bead making and a rich tradition passed on for generations.

“We are all Change Agents that can be used as vessels for the change we want to see in our local and global communities”

– Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, Founder and CEO, Change Agent Firm


  • 100% committed to diversity
  • 100% committed to equity
  • 100% committed to engaging people with lived experiences
  • 100% committed to systems change
  • 100% Social Justice mission
  • 100% interdisciplinary approach towards solutions
  • 100% Minority Owned
  • 100% Leadership with understanding of inequities
  • 100% committed to local and global impact
  • 100% Social Impact mission


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